We Move People (and furniture)

Our aim is to make your move as smooth as possible. That means offering a convenient, quick and helpful moving service that leaves you smiling and stress free. Whether you have just a few items or a whole house, we strive to be accommodating and indispensable! We’re the Removalists Melbourne deserves!

Need Saving? It’s The Moving Guys to the rescue!

The Moving Guys’ 4.5 tonne trucks (MoveMobiles) can transport a 2 bedroom home across Melbourne safely and securely, whilst being nimble enough to fit down a tight laneway in Brunswick or up a steep driveway in Eltham!

The Wheels!

e396dbc0f6925dd801c702e1ec046e6bOur trucks are equipped for moving furniture with a fully enclosed van body with approx. 20 cubic metres of storage capacity. They also have a nifty ramp that slides in and out of the back and allows for fast loading/unloading!

The dimensions:

  • 4.2m body length
  • 2.2 internal width
  • 2.2 internal height
  • 3.3m safe height clearance

The right tools for the job!

truck 1

Your precious items will be kept safe during all stages of the move. We have public liability and transit insurance at no extra cost for your peace of mind.
We use:

  • Trolleys and a dolly to move those extra heavy items
  • Protective blankets
  • Tie down straps and rubber bands
  • Shoulder Dolly

You’re passing another Moving Guy!

melbourne city

You have the option of choosing 1 or 2 strong Moving Guys to do all the heavy lifting for your job.
Wave as you pass us on the road and our friendly, charming guys will give you a wave and maybe even a wink in return!