Removalist South Melbourne

If you live in South Melbourne, and need furniture removed quickly and safely, then call The Moving Guys for all of your moving needs. Our business is about providing homeowners in South Melbourne with a simple, hassle-free service to make the big move to their new home a breeze.

Equipped with heavy load 4.5 tonne trucks, and the best in secure holding, lifts, and trolleys, we make furniture removals and moving the easiest thing possible. We strive to be punctual at all times, adhering to even the shortest of delivery schedules, allowing you to be rest assured that your goods will be removed and delivered promptly and in exceptional condition.

The length of the journey is never a problem with The Moving Guys – we’ll simply move your furniture to where you tell us, no questions asked. We can also pass on a great quote on your furniture removal, proving that a great job can be affordable. So wherever you are in South Melbourne, and wherever you are heading off to, give us a call today on 0406 180 888, and let The Moving Guys help you get moved.

Affordable Removalists in South Melbourne

We’ve got all of your furniture removal needs covered effectively, and will be able to carefully and quickly remove each and any type of furnishing that you can think of. Coming with plenty of experience and a precise know-how to move furniture out of even the tightest of spots, our super moving guys will have your most cherished items safely transported to where you’re going.

We’ve never met a piece of furniture that our removalists haven’t been able to handle, either. No matter how big or heavy your goods are, we have the right tools and equipment, as well as a great deal of experience, to have them up and loaded in our truck without any hassle at all. We also treat your furniture with respect and care, as if it were our own, and can make sure it is perfect condition upon delivery.

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