How to harness ‘new home zen’ and move in like a Feng Shui master.

It’s not often in life you get given a second chance to get things right. But moving into a new house is one of those rare opportunities where the slate is wiped clean, and you get to start fresh with a new version of your life – one that’s newer, cleaner, more stylish and of course, comes with more rooms, a garage and a back yard with a lawn.

Well that’s how most of us think of the whole process of moving house; it’s usually an upgrade of sorts, correlating with a desire for an upgrade in lifestyle. And whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, moving house creates the perfect opportunity to craft a new life from the bottom up, starting with your surroundings. So you want to make sure you get it right, right?

Now without going all kooky on you here, we want to draw your attention to something that the Chinese have known for centuries – the fact that how you set up your home has a profound affect on the energy flow, and in turn, the way you experience living in it. Both ancient Chinese diviners and Manhattan’s interior designers are masters at using Feng Shui to create the perfect energy flow in buildings, and we’ve compiled a few of the basics to make sure your new home is set up to encourage your new harmonious life:

1) Main Entry
This is the spot where you launch yourself into the world everyday. It’s also the place where you land after whatever the hectic day has thrown at you. So think of it as your launch pad. Or landing spot. You’ll need to give yourself some great vibes when you walk in or out of here, so this is the spot to hang that vivacious piece of art or add some bright, fresh flowers to a vase. This is your daily welcome to the world, or welcome home. Make it count.

2) Living Room/Lounge
You’ll be spending a lot of time in here – relaxing, entertaining and being comfortable. This is where you’re the truest version of yourself, so you want your lounge to be clean and clutter free, with good light and a homely vibe. To get the energy just right, imagine what it would look like if there was a wave of water flowing through the room – would it flow freely or would it pool and get caught anywhere?

3) Bedroom
Where you rest your head at the end of the day is probably the most critical area to get right. Your bedroom should nurture you with a harmonious energy. You want to be lured in by the comfort zone of your bed – make sure you try and keep your bedroom clear of distractions like TVs, computers and electrical equipment if you can. Keep your window slightly open to promote fresh air circulating through the space. And make sure your bed is always made to look inviting.

4) Kitchen
Preparing, cooking and eating – the kitchen is the source of nourishment, and it is quite literally the room that sustains us as human beings. So if you treat this space as the source of your sustainability, you’re bound to feel energised! Keep this space well organised and give everything a home – try to keep the benches as clutter-free as you can, and minimise the gadgets. A little jar used as a vase for fresh flowers or an inviting bowl of fresh fruit will add a flash of natural colour to energise the space.

5) Bathroom
When you move into a new home, unless you’re renovating, there’s not much you can do to adjust the feng shui of the bathroom. But the main goal is to make it feel like your own private spa. That way you can disappear and relax at the end of a long day and return rejuvenated. So utilise things like candles near the bath, make sure there’s lots of warm, fluffly towels, and maybe even figure out a way to play some tunes in there via an iPod. It can be a little slice of Scandinavian spa heaven in your own home.

So there it is – a simple plan to harness the zen of a clean, clear new home so you can keep that freshly ‘just moved in’ vibe for as long as possible…