Moving house in the heat and how to keep your cool

A summer hits guide to moving house during a heat wave.

There’s a reason why most of us opt to move house during the spring and summer months. Winter is an absolute drag, and nobody wants to get their $900 TV rained on while it’s being carried to a removals truck. And although moving into a new property during the warmer months can bring with it better odds of sunshine and agreeable weather, it can also land you in hot weather. Literally.

For instance, here in Melbourne, we’re in the grips of an epic heat wave that sees us suffering week-long stretches of over 40 degree Celsius weather (more than 105 Fahrenheit). Needless to say, if you have to move house on a day like that, it has the potential to get fairly uncomfortable. But we like to take these things in our stride, so here at The Moving Guys, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to making sure moving house during a heatwave is more Club Tropicana than Apocalypse Now:

1) Ice, ice, baby.
Like the Hammer-boss himself once said – emphasis on the ice. Keep your eskys stocked with ice blocks, so there’s a constant cool area for refreshments. Because don’t forget the fridge and freezer will have been defrosted before today…

2) Get there fast, and then take it slow.
Actually, just keep it slow the whole way. You can’t hurry these things, especially not in a heat wave that’s hotter than hell. Heavy lifting puts a strain on your muscles and cardio vascular system under normal circumstances, so when the weather is adding 20 degrees to the normal temperature, you’ll want to ease off a little and save a few extra heartbeats.

3) Don’t worry – you can suntan!

As Wham! So eloquently put it: you can suntan. But of course, make sure you’ve remembered to leave the sunscreen out. The last thing you need is second degree burns on the first night in your new house, when you can’t find which box you packed the aloe vera in. Apply sunscreen at the start of the day and wear a good hat to stop you getting too exposed.

4) See ‘em wearin’ their baggies.
You might look like a beach bum, but those guys know what they’re doing: when you’re gonna be getting hot and sweaty in the sunshine, you better dress right. So take some tips from the local surf scene, and get your bardies, singlet and trucker cap on. But just one rule: no rubber things/flip flops – they’re a magnet for dropping heavy boxes on your feet – make sure you’ve got good, covered shoes.

5) Tropical drink melting in your hand.
While there’s ice in the eskys, make sure you’re keeping everyone hydrated. Moving house is thirsty work at the best of times, so when you’re sweating like you’re in a Hot Yoga studio, you’ll need to replenish the fluids. So make sure there’s plenty of cool water to go around. And of course, a good supply of crisp, cold beers to celebrate when you’re finally finished…